Strategic Plan

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School-Strategic Intents 2023-2025.

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School…A Catholic School of excellence where every child is known.


Catholic Identity…Christ-inspired…Inspiring Christ-centred Leaders

Goal-Cultivates a whole school culture of faith through action and action that nurtures faith.

  • Strengthen our partnership with the parish and Christian faith community, especially regarding the celebration of the sacraments.
  • Our school ministries focus on service learning in the wider community.
  • Connect more deeply with the charism of the Josephite Sisters.
  • Maintain and support the Making Jesus Real program throughout the school.
  • Provide opportunities through the Religious Education Learning Area to respond to the invitation of faith and prayer that students encounter through their learning and staff encounter through their teaching.

Education…Achieve…A Catholic School of Excellence

Goal-Ensure that every child is known and that the learning environment allows each student to grow, develop and reach their God-given potential.

  • Work towards developing whole school pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning to ensure consistency throughout the school.
  • Explore the Seven Steps for Writing program.
  • Ensure Individual Education Plans (IEPs) continue to meet compliance regulations and that there is a consistent process throughout the school to effectively support students.
  • Implement the Spelling Mastery Program.
  • Develop a scope and sequence document for grammar and punctuation.
  • Ensure all curriculum decisions are informed by student data.
  • Maintain intervention programs throughout the school to ensure students are provided with individualised and differentiated learning opportunities.

Community…Relationships…A Catholic Pastoral Community

Goal-A welcoming, safe, supportive and connected school community that fosters authentic relationships with and between all individuals.

  • Explore ways we can demonstrate respect for Aboriginal culture and traditions and build our cultural competencies.
  • Ensure the Parents and Friends Group is aligned to the new terms of reference.
  • Prioritise spiritual, emotional and mental well-being through the implementation of the URStrong friendship program and the Berry Street Education Model.
  • Provide opportunities for parent education and support.
  • Maintain a strong understanding and commitment by all, to the Code of Conduct, Keeping Safe Program and the CEWA Child Safe Framework.
  • Strengthen volunteering within the school community.

Stewardship…Empower…An Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable School

Goal-We ensure our staff are provided with opportunities to grow professionally and personally. We commit to maintaining resources and infrastructure to support the holistic curriculum.

  • Provide ongoing Professional Learning opportunities that meet the needs of the students and align with the requirements and aspirations of staff.
  • Effectively manage the Stage 7 Capital Development Plan.
  • Implement growth plans for staff.
  • Develop staff capacity to create the highest possible performing team.
  • Maintain and grow enrolment numbers in a sustainable manner.
  • Create an Early Years Master Plan so the physical aspect of the learning environment scaffolds and accelerates learning.
  • Sustain the CEWA Affordable Schools fee initiative.
  • Continue maintenance and upgrade of classrooms, grounds and staff facilities to ensure that spaces are contemporary, attractive and conducive to learning.

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