Religious Education

The Religious Dimension
St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, Pinjarra, promotes the religious dimension of the school. The religious dimension is best characterised by our Christian actions towards one another, our practice of our faith, our willingness to forgive each other and ourselves during times of trouble, and our hope for the future.  

The school recognises that parents are the main faith educators of their children, and with the parish, the school seeks to support parents in this role. 

Religious Education Program
The Religious Education Programme is a central feature of the school’s daily life and is part of what distinguishes us from other schools. Children in all classes, Pre-Kindergarten to Year Six, participate in the Religious Education Program. 

The Religious Education teaching process is circular in nature. Students are encouraged to discover God through life experience, reflect God as Jesus taught, and respond. Units are based on Catholic Church teachings and present Gospel values. 

Liturgical/Sacramental Program
The Liturgical and Sacramental Program is a central feature, providing school community members with opportunities of responding to God. 

Liturgical celebrations occur throughout the year to celebrate occasions of religious significance. Pre-primary to Year Six students attend school Masses and Liturgies, participating in various ways. Our school Masses and Liturgies are designed to be inclusive of all children and families regardless of religion.  

Sacraments of Reconciliation, first Holy Communion, and Confirmation are offered to baptised Catholics during the school year. The parents, parish and school join together to prepare the children for the sacraments. 

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