Bushfire Response

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School is situated within a high fire danger zone as determined by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).  As a result, the School is required to have in place an up to date Bushfire Evacuation Plan.  

The Bushfire Evacuation Plan can be found here

Inclusion on this fire danger zone means that the School may be required to invoke pre-emptive closure on any day for which a Catastrophic Fire Danger Rating (FDR) has been declared for the Shire of Murray. A Catastrophic FDR means that if a fire starts, it is likely to be uncontrollable, unpredictable, and fast moving. 

What does this mean for our School? 

When given advance warning by DFES that a Catastrophic FDR has been forecast for a given day, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School would close for that day. The intention of this closure is to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk for students and staff.   

Parents will be advised of the of closure, by SMS, on the day before the planned closure. Parents would be kept up to date on further developments, including the re-opening of the School by SMS. 

Please contact the School on if you have any questions about the Bushfire Plan or possible planned School closures during the bushfire season. 

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