St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School prides itself on its commitment to providing a quality, holistic education to all students. Part of this commitment involves developing a sound curriculum based on both government and Catholic Education requirements. 

At St Joseph’s School, students are exposed to a broad range of learning experiences. We believe that as we live in a rapidly changing world experiencing many environmental and social challenges, it is vital that students are given the conceptual and practical tools which will enable them to take their place as fully functioning members of an increasingly complex society. 


Our Curriculum includes: 

  • Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Health, HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences) & Technologies 
  • Speciality Subjects: The Arts – Music & Dance, Physical Education, Science and Languages – Italian. 

The students, teachers and community of St Joseph’s School also recognise that there are other elements of the curriculum experienced by students including: 

  • Spiritual – Masses, liturgies, whole school and class prayer, sacramental program (Reconciliation, First Eucharist and Confirmation), Making Jesus Real, mindfulness and Parish celebrations. 
  • Social and Emotional – Pastoral Care groups, Seasons for Growth, You Can Do It and Chaplaincy Support 
  • Cultural activities – Multi-cultural days; Harmony Day
  • Extra-curricular sport – Inter-school sports carnivals 
  • Artistic activities –  choir, visual arts 
  • Enrichment Programs – Tournament of the Minds, Spelling Bee 
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