At St Joseph’s it is our belief that iPads are a tool designed to enhance learning in all areas of the curriculum. As such, iPads are used by students at St Joseph’s, in all areas of their learning. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 have school owned iPads they used as part of their learning programs. From Year 3, in order to complete tasks and programs set by their teachers, students are required to bring their own iPad to school.

In order to access required resources children in Year 3-6 require an iPad with the following specifications.  

Size: 10.2
Memory – 64GB minimum
No older than 9th Generation
WiFi enabled (cellular not required) 

Cases We recognise iPads are a significant investment in your child’s education, as such we ask that iPads come to school in a secure case. Please ensure this case allows easy access to all ports and buttons. 
Headphones are required but please consider ease of use and practicality. Over the ear headphones can eliminate some external sounds so that the volume can remain lower. 
Keyboards are necessary to aid children’s writing skills. We recommend a plugin keyboard as opposed to a blue tooth keyboard as the latter requires further charging and is sometimes difficult to connect.  

All equipment must come to school fully charged and safely stored in your child’s bag away from food and water. 

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